Couture Collection Lumbar Pillow - Snow Mink
Couture Collection Lumbar Pillow - Snow MinkCouture Collection Lumbar Pillow - Snow Mink

Donna Salyers Fabulous Furs

Couture Collection Lumbar Pillow

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Imagine sinking into the unparalleled softness of our faux fur pillows. Expect to be transported to a tranquil, quiet space, enveloped in the soothing touch of a fur that exudes comfort, peace and serenity. Perfect for bringing maximum ambiance and understated elegance to a living room, bedroom or study, our faux fur pillows are available in three sizes. The perfect balance of luxury AND function, our luxurious faux fur pillows have removable zipper covers and are conveniently machine wash/line dry. A premium poly-fill insert is included.

Our brand began with a passion for animals, needle, thread, and the belief that cruelty-free fashion could be achieved. Over thirty years ago, after sewing a luxurious faux fur coat for herself, Donna Salyers designed a sewing kit so others could do the same. Success followed passion and excellence, and Donna ushered in an exciting new era for the faux fur industry.

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