Cable Knit Throw - Default Title
Cable Knit Throw
Cable Knit Throw - Default TitleCable Knit Throw - Default Title
Cable Knit ThrowCable Knit Throw

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Cable Knit Throw

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Default Title

Cozy get-aways can take place each evening, next to your very own fireplace, beneath a fur-lined cable knit throw! Imagine coming home each evening, looking forward to relaxing with our chunky cable knit throw, beautifully lined with Ghost Leopard fur! Sensationally soft AND visually extravagant, lushly graphic Ghost Leopard features Chocolate spots on a gradient ground, ranging from Ivory to Taupe. Together, the two layers create the most luxurious, comforting warmth imaginable. A fabulous accent in both traditional and contemporary room settings, our Chocolate cable knit throw has an elegantly casual look with a luxe vibe. Draped at the end of a bed or thrown over a sofa back, it's an effortless way to add texture and ambiance. Meant to be used and enjoyed, our fur-lined cable knit throw is conveniently machine wash/line dry.

- Cable knit on one side and fur on the other
- Packaged in reusable plastic zipper bag

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