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Christmas Village Tea Towel - White
Christmas Village Tea Towel
Christmas Village Tea Towel - WhiteChristmas Village Tea Towel - White
Christmas Village Tea TowelChristmas Village Tea Towel

Darling Spring

Christmas Village Tea Towel



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As the Holiday season approaches, something shifts within the air. A sense of magic and community brings us a warmth to compete against the crisp, cool air. The homes are decorated, lights are hung, and the neighborhoods just feel smaller. Each season brings its own feeling but this one is so special, which is why they all try to harness it in any way that they can. The Christmas Village Tea Towel reminds us each day that even though they lose the sunshine, there are still so many things to be thankful for during these chilly months. Your Green Kitchen provides us with beautiful products intended to help you rethink your kitchen with reusable linens. Your Green Kitchen is a woman-owned eco-friendly business created on a joy of cooking and love for the environment. She works hard to create products that allow you to easily transition to a low-waste and plastic-free kitchen while showing you that you don't have to sacrifice beauty for sustainability. They love Your Green Kitchen because the products allow for reflective consumption as it encourages the customer to think about where the product came from and the production process as a whole. Rather than being a passive consumer, Slow Design gives customers the opportunity to be part of something. Low waste can be simple and beautiful, Your Green Kitchen is here to pave the way.

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