Elixir Argan Oil
Elixir Argan OilElixir Argan Oil


Elixir Argan Oil

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Highly moisturizing, with a deeply nourishing formula, our daily leave-in, certified organic argan oil treatment helps your hair regain its full strength, while conditioning those dry brittle ends. The revolutionary and legendary lightweight liquid gold, elixir argan oil, is like no other. Specially formulated to hydrate and nourish while actively restoring elasticity and strength, it is fast-absorbing, highly moisturizing, non-greasy and prevents future damage. It helps to heal split ends and smooth down frizz, providing instant shine with no oily residue. This outstanding argan oil elixir is a must-have hair product: it can make your hair look like what you see in commercials! Made with pure argan oil, this elixir has a deeply nourishing effect that makes your hair silky smooth and strong, more elastic and resilient. Our argan oil treatment has a light, non-greasy formula, which can make any type of hair look shiny without being oily. Just a few drops will have you looking gorgeous in any condition!

- Premium argan oil hair spray.
- Restores hair strength and elasticity.
- Can prevent future hair damage.
- Made with pure, certified argan oil.
- Nourishing and hydrating.
- Light, non-greasy formula.
- Silky-smooth and shiny hair.
- Suitable for all types of hair.
- Anti-frizz effect.
- Encourages hair growth.
- Makes the hair more manageable.
- Fast absorption.
- Easy to apply

DAMANCI was founded in 2013 with a passion for empowering women by enhancing their inherent beauty and reducing hair preparation time. Crafted from the highest-quality, exotic, natural ingredients and backed by science, DAMANCI products are animal cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The product line is designed to repair and rejuvenate, ultimately giving hair a desirable youthful appearance and feel.

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