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Lucy in the Sky Berber Rug 6 X 9
Coco Carpets

Lucy in the Sky Berber Rug 6 X 9

Color - Sky berber
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118" x 79"
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The History: Approximately 20-30 years old, this Berber carpet would have originally been made by a Berber woman belonging to the Beni Mahtir tribe for personal use in her own home.

The Artisan: This vintage rug was made by a woman of a Berber tribe in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
She created this Moroccan carpet with wool and small portions of cotton thread, and permitted herself personal freedom in expressing her own creativity and values through North African symbology and colors as she wove these designs.

The Look: This Moroccan rug is the perfect size for a living room statement piece.
Have someone in the house that likes minimalism, and someone that loves a design PUNCH?!   This will please 'em both!    The textures in the raw wool, paired with the pop of pink around the edge is sure to scratch the itch of just about everyone.

The Feel: The medium pile makes this vintage carpet extremely versatile, being suited for high-traffic areas, as it has already proven to pass the test of time, but also to bring together a cozy room.

- Perfect, Clean, No damage, No stains
- Vintage

Care Instructions

- Shedding of loose fibers may occur but will diminish over time.
- Expect the most shedding to occur within the first 3–6 months.
- Vacuum regularly on a low power setting.
- Use a vacuum cleaner without a beater brush as it may cause damage.
- For best results, vacuum from different directions, making several passes over the area.
- Remove spills immediately.
- If liquid, blot with a clean, un-dyed cloth by pressing firmly around the spill to absorb as much as possible.
- For hard-to-remove stains, professional rug cleaning is recommended.
- To protect your investment, use a rug pad.
- A rug pad provides traction between the rug and floor to prevent slipping, keeps the rug smooth and flat, and prevents color transfer.
- We also recommend avoiding direct and continuous exposure to sunlight and using rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening.
- Do not pull loose ends. Instead, clip them with scissors to remove.
- Rotate or reposition your rug and/or rug pad every 3 months.
- Rotating your rug will promote even surface wear, extending its life and decreasing the likelihood of the rug pad or exposed rug back adhering to the floor surface where they are placed.
- Store your rug by rolling it front side out and wrapping in cloth for protection.
- Do not fold or store rug in an airtight plastic bag.
- Place it in a dry, well-ventilated area.






- Perfect, Clean, No damage, No stains
- Vintage

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