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Myrrh Grape
Myrrh Grape - Default TitleMyrrh Grape - Default Title
Myrrh GrapeMyrrh Grape

Chandally Jewelry

Myrrh Grape

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These statement earrings are sure to stun. Inspired by myrrh clusters seen in the markets around Jerusalem which have been used as incense throughout history. Timeless jewelry for anyone who loves a bold, eye-catching look. These handcrafted 18K gold in flattened irregular circles to create dynamic movement. A comfortable post backing makes them easy to wear.

- 18K gold
- Weight: 9.77g

Innovating under the influence of generations, Chandally’s work explores the tension between asymmetry and balance, simplicity and chaos, and synthesizes her roots in Yemenite silversmithing with a uniquely modern sensibility. The result is a body of engaging work that looks to the future and nods to the past, celebrating the dance between old and new with grace, glamour, and a touch of grit.

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