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Myrrh Cluster
Myrrh Cluster - Default TitleMyrrh Cluster - Default Title
Myrrh ClusterMyrrh Cluster

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Myrrh Cluster

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The Myrrh Cluster earring is a modern and stylish choice suitable for any occasion. Made from flattened irregular circles set with diamonds, the earring plays on a classic motif used in filigree before multiplying it into a larger pattern. Its cluster shape is reminiscent of myrrh resin seen in the markets around Jerusalem. This timeless and versatile earring is perfect for everyday wear and can be mixed and matched.

- 18K gold
- 6 white diamonds
- Weight: 1.47g

Innovating under the influence of generations, Chandally’s work explores the tension between asymmetry and balance, simplicity and chaos, and synthesizes her roots in Yemenite silversmithing with a uniquely modern sensibility. The result is a body of engaging work that looks to the future and nods to the past, celebrating the dance between old and new with grace, glamour, and a touch of grit.

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