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Airveil Nano Filters 2-pack

Airveil Nano Filters 2-pack

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Airveil filters are disposable anti-viral nanofiber filters that fit into your reusable, washable mask. We've spent years researching, testing, and implementing the world's best materials and technology to create a respiratory filter that uses nanotechnology to filter out the most micro-particles, and pollutants.

*Filters microparticles better than any PM 2.5 activated carbon filter
*Removes at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns (μm) in diameter.
*Lasts longer than any other face mask filter
*Filters equally well, even wet or moist!
*Filters can be gently washed a few times for reuse
*USA patented nanotechnology
*This filter media has been part of assemblies that have passed tests for NIOSH N95 and HEPA
*Designed, developed, and made in the USA

Airveil filters fit all sizes of happyface masks and Breathe by j. malo masks. These filters can be easily trimmed with scissors to fit any other mask.

Care Instructions

Gently wash with mild soap and air dry. May be repeated a few times before disposal.

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Happyface is a collection of fashion-forward face masks that fit better and filter better. This collection of NYC-designed vibrant, whimsical, streetwear fashion masks utilizes USA patented nanotechnology in N95 compliant filter inserts.