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"Founded in New Delhi, in 2020, with the core mission to help artisans across India survive the disruption in their livelihood caused by the pandemic. The commerce around India’s national artisan trade provides a life sustaining income for the artists, their household and communities. Rich in skill but limited in assets, these crafts people were immediately impacted by the fallout from the global financial meltdown and resulting bankruptcies. Consequently, inventory piled up while income dwindled and eventually dried up, placing the artisans and their families in a very precarious position. Trunkin’ was launched to help the artisans survive the pandemic by launching new retail and wholesale channels. As the situation deteriorates in India, we have resolved to double-down our support for these artisans and bring their products to consumers across North America through the launch of Trunkin' USA, based out of lovely NJ. With each Trunkin’ purchase of our intricately crafted goods, you will personally help our rural artists achieve economic stability, continue to educate their children and bring public services to their communities. Our Trunkin Team and collective of artisans and designers are deeply grateful for your virtual visit to our gallery. We are confident you will find high quality and unique treasures to compliment your home for years to come. Sincerely,  The Trunkin' Team!"

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