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We all know that “doing the right thing” isn’t always easy. But it sure as heck doesn’t have to be constantly difficult. For a long time, making environmentally aware purchases meant spending a bonkers amount of money, doing a ridiculous amount of extra work, or settling for painfully substandard products. This model of sustainability... wasn’t sustainable. So… SOFi. (Soh-FEE) At SOFi Paper Products, we believe protecting the planet should be straightforward, safe, and simple. All of our products are made with real paper and without buzzwords. They’re the type of compostable that doesn’t require a special separate facility. And the type of biodegradable that you learned about in science class (put it in the ground and it goes away in 60 days). And the type of paper that doesn’t absolutely deteriorate the second it gets wet. Because… you know.. People are drinking their coffee with that ish. We make the kind of products people really want to use at prices they can actually afford to pay. Making people’s lives a little easier and the planet’s life a little longer? We’ll drink to that. (or at least, we’ll drink out of it)

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