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"The first hats and beanies that go on when your hair is ALREADY up in a messy bun. Patent Pending hats that adapt to your hair. Our uniquely designed hats and beanies adapt to any hairstyle including high ponytails, big messy buns, bubble braids, etc. Stop allowing a hat to dictate your hairstyle. Adjust the hat to your hair, not your hair to a hat. High quality hats that do the work for you. We get it. Too often, putting on a hat is an afterthought when you are running out the door. So you need a caps and beanies that go on when your hair is already styled and keep you looking great. These hats go on in seconds even when your hair is up. Plus, these hidden messy bun hats look fantastic when your hair is styled down as well. With hidden open backs, they look like classic hats, but then adapt to your hair as needed. These truly are the best women's baseball caps, sun hats, and beanies for long hair and messy buns."

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