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Le Joyau d’Olive is a family of artisans who diligently work together in the aim of preserving the Lebanese ancestral craft of soapmaking. Le Joyau d’Olive is a classic collection of luxury soaps for women and men, hand-crafted in Lebanon where the secret arts of soap-making were first perfected. Our soaps are lovingly created by our skilled artisans under stone-vaulted ceilings that have witnessed the production of soap since 1804. We use only the finest virgin olive oil and pure natural ingredients to create our soaps. Each and every one, a jewel of the master soapmaker’s craft. Respecting the past. Respecting nature. And respecting an artisan soap-making heritage that stretches back over 4,000 years. No other soaps offer the gentle, sensual, all-natural luxury of Le Joyau d’Olive.

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