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Intuitive Neel van Lierop conceptualized Inner Compass cards from a need to create a stylish and efficacious deck for the global community to use daily. Positively motivated and artfully alluring, the Inner Compass deck is specifically designed for every being from mystics to architectural designers. Our deck is a highly effective tool for self-reflection and personal growth. In the truest form of community, the Inner Compass deck was created to help others finding their way in life. Using subjective tools and motivational language, each card is skilfully designed to be thought-provoking and insightful. Pull a card daily whenever you need guidance surrounding a specific situation or an unanswered question. Inspired by the art of ancient philosophers, Inner Compass was activated from combining the ancient wisdom of Maya Mythology, Taoism, Buddhism, and the I Ching. By arranging these sources along a specific algorithm, one card contains many levels of depth and interconnectedness so everyone can benefit from their use. Rooted in clear, affirmative imagery and forward moving language, Inner Compass cards lead you toward light, love and prosperity. May they guide you well along your path.

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