Whether you go to the gym every morning, prefer to engage in more gentle forms of exercise such as walking, barre, pilates or yoga, or like to mix it up depending on your mood, exercise is an essential component to attaining your goals and maintaining your well-being. 

One of the best ways to stay motivated? Making exercise fun and appealing to all of the senses. A great way to do this is by stocking your gym bag with a few essentials (i.e. dry shampoo, so that you can save time en route to the office), and a few fun and totally useful items (enter flavorful, replenishing electrolytes).

1. A great deodorant

You probably already have a deodorant in your gym bag, but why not upgrade to something a bit more luxurious and thoughtfully formulated? Shop our selection of clean deodorants here. We love this one by Agent Nateur — it’s unisex and totally elegant.

2. A great-looking, reusable water bottle 

Save the earth and a few dollars every day by trading in the plastic water bottles for a reusable one, like this one from eco-responsible brand w&p. Having an adorable water bottle will encourage you to hydrate. 

3. Wipes

One of the ultimate women’s gym bag essentials? Wipes! You may not have the time to shower, or even properly wash your face before leaving the gym, but if you don’t do at least something involving cleanliness post-workout, it can cause your skin to break out. 

If you’re a germaphobe, you can also use wipes to clean the gym equipment and machines before you use them. We love these Bioderma wipes for our face — they’re a French staple and will clean your skin without the use of harsh additives. And if you don’t want to bother with the shower, stash some Maude Wipe Compressed Towels for personal care. They’re hypoallergenic and can be used a few times, with washing.

4. Electrolytes 

Liquid I.V. is committed to helping people stay healthy and lead better lives. The brand uses Cellular Transport Technology, which is the science pioneered by the World Health Organization, to formulate electrolytes that replenish those that you lose when you work out.

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Bonus? Their electrolytes come in amazing flavors, like passion fruit. They’re pre-measured, so throw a stash of single-serve packets into your bag, stir into your water bottle, or consume it as you would Pop Rocks. Your energy levels will soar, and you’ll feel less depleted after exercising.

It gets even better — for every purchase, one serving of the Liquid I.V. product is donated to someone in need around the world. Help yourself, help others.

5. Power nutrients

You may not think of vitamins and supplements as being gym essentials, but workout time is a great time to get in your daily supplements. We love the products of HUM Nutrition, and the brightly colored bottles will make your gym bag even more appealing to the senses. A few great supplements to pack in your bag? Uber Energy for a pre-workout jolt, Collagen Love for a bit of high-impact, muscle-strengthening nourishment, and Daily Cleanse. It’s filled with ingredients such as algae that’ll keep you looking and feeling strong and amazing.

6. A workout set

Chances are you’ll be endlessly more motivated to get moving if you have a few amazing outfits in which to do so. Look no further than activewear favorite Girlfriend Collective for pieces that are sustainably made and designed to suit all body types. We love their Topanga Sports Bra and high rise, full-length leggings. Bonus? Many of these pieces double as errand-day gear, are great for wearing around the house, and come in several colors — so when you find a style that you love, you can stock up. Workout wear doldrums, be gone!

7. An effective dry shampoo

Let’s face it — you probably don’t have time to shower and blow-dry your hair right after working out. Dry shampoo is here to solve your problems. Try this one from Virtue, which is formulated without heavy styling ingredients, leaving your hair clean and invigorated.

Stash these items in your gym bag, and we can almost guarantee that you’ll be more motivated to exercise or at the very least, prepared for workouts and post-gym plans.

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