When it comes to funny T-shirts for men, there are two schools: so crass your buddies will crack up on the first take (and then ask where they can bite your style) and so cute even Grandma would approve. We’ve rounded up a mix of both, including several funny graphic tees with clever wordplay — and others that are going for the literal joke, because sometimes low-hanging fruit is the tastiest kind.

1. Chinatown Market Born Again Tee ($40)

Irreverent? Check. Clever? Check. Not going to play well in the suburbs? Triple check. We are all about this tongue-in-cheek tee, which references the classic designer while letting everyone know where your priorities lie. This relaxed-fit T-shirt from streetwear brand Chinatown Market is made of comfortable, breathable 100% cotton. 

2. Unfortunate Portrait Dry Hump Tee ($78)

This funny T-shirt is correct: That camel does have a very dry hump. Or perhaps it’s a dromedary with an especially dry hump? We can never remember the difference, but we can guarantee this tee will make a great conversation starter — and lead to some serious laughs. 

3. Unfortunate Portrait Ancient Grease Tee ($78)

Summer loving had me a blast, summer loving happened so fast … several decades ago in the past, it would seem. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John may not look as cute as their teenage selves on this slim-fitting funny graphic tee, but it’s more playful than disrespectful. 

4. Chinatown Market Too Old Tee ($40)

Your mom probably won’t be this shirt’s No. 1 one fan, but we’re definitely here for how hilariously literal this one is. A totally comfortable, loose-fitting tee in sunny yellow, this funny T-shirt is perfect for summer. 

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5. Chinatown Market Hate Tee ($40)

This shirt tells it straight: Don’t bother me because today probably isn’t your day…and the rest of the week isn’t looking too amazing either. Ideal for nihilists with a sense of humor, the cool men’s tee has an exclamation point after each day of the week, as though hating that particular day is really! exciting! 

6. Youth Machine Arrow Short Sleeve Tee ($45)

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Here Cupid upgrades his traditional bow and arrow for a semi-automatic rifle, which probably doesn’t do much for his aim but definitely creates a bigger impact. The cornflower blue-and-cream color scheme makes it look deceivingly sweet. 

7. Unfortunate Portrait Blow Jobs Tee ($78)

What? It’s just Steve Jobs doing some regular old lawn work with a leaf blower…what’s the big deal? This T-shirt is by Unfortunate Portrait, which collaborates with contemporary artists and designers to create irreverent pieces of wearable art. Made of 100% cotton, the funny men’s graphic tee is a great way to up your summertime swag.

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