Listen up guys, looking handsome, confident, and stylish are now essential elements of dressing professionally. Effortless business casual looks for men are easy to piece together — all that you need are a few essential elements and smart pieces that you can mix and match, according to your mood, weather and what the workday has in store for you. Read on to learn about some of the best dress shirts and pants, casual attire for men and ways to look stylish as you nail it at work — day in and day out.

We all know that feeling confident and looking our best can actually further increase our levels of confidence. The result of dressing well for work? You’ll be more productive, impress your coworkers and clients, and love what you see when you look in the mirror. We spend a lot of time working, so we may as well dress handsomely for it. Be sure to include personal touches — your favorite watch, your favorite nice-enough-for-work sneakers, etc. — that make you feel like yourself while at work.

A few business casual examples of clothing that’ll put you on the right foot as you enter the office? We’ve got them all here.

If you have a dress shirt and pants, you’re mostly set. Here are a few outfit and accessories ideas, most of which feature button-down shirts and casual business pants. We’re taking the work out of getting dressed for you, so that you can focus on work itself — in style.

Clean Layers

If you want to look a bit playful, while still remaining super professional, pick a subtle theme for your outfit, such as going for a nautical (yet stuck in the office) look. Pair this button-down by NN07 with this striped sweater by Far Afield for an ensemble that’s at once casual and super stylish. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style, and the stripes add a bit of interest to an otherwise super simple work look. Bottom it off with these casual pants, which are comfortable enough for travel and long days spent in meetings or in front of the computer. They come in a variety of colors — why not buy them in a few different shades so that you vary your weekly outfits, without having to put too much thought into them in the mornings? Make your life easier as you become even more stylish.

In the Navy

If you love the color blue (a man after our own hearts), try wearing a monochrome navy outfit to the office. It’s a bit more refreshing and relaxed than all-black look, and it’s super cool. Wear this four-pocket jacket with these laid back but professional pants, both of which are by Stan Ray. Carry your laptop, reusable water bottle (hydration is key for optimal mental cognition and overall health), elevated charging device, and other essentials in this navy tote or this navy leather backpack. And for socks? Slip into these guys.

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All Dressed Up with Places to Go

Presenting during today’s meeting? Important lunch with clients? Looking to get promoted? You’ll want to dress for the part. Wear this blazer by Barena with these pleated pants by BLDWN. Don’t want to be in a blazer all day long? Wear this sweater by Scotch & Soda underneath it. It’ll keep you warm, and it’s super handsome. It’s also a great sweater for date nights or post-work celebration cocktails. We love pieces that can take us from the office to an evening out, without having to change clothes in your car (or worse, in an Uber).

Casual Fridays

You may be wondering, “are jeans business casual?” The answer: They can be. Try these grey jeans, which will provide you with that feeling of denim comfort that your legs need, while still looking professional and cleaned up enough for the workplace. Pair them with a simple and clean polo. If your office is really into Casual Fridays, wear these cuffed jeans with this simple, long-sleeve shirt, a pair of clean sneakers, and a beanie. This look also doubles as an easy-to-slip-into outfit for weekends.

All in the Details

Ok, let’s face the facts and data — sometimes, casual men’s business attire can feel a bit dull — especially if you’re headed to drinks or dinner after work. The solution? Accessories that’ll take your look and feelings from boardroom blah to professionally cool. We love this sleek grey belt. This silver band will add a bit of interest to your hands, so you will enjoy looking down on them as you type even more. Schlepping your laptop? Do so in this folio case by the Stockholm-based brand Deadwood. And these capsules, though not technically an accessory will help to sharpen your focus.

So there you go, guys. Pick from our office-approved looks and pieces, and work the days away stylishly, confidently, and while looking cool and put together. 

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