When it comes to navigating men’s swim style, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions. How intense are your activities going to be while you’re in your swimwear? Will you be lying around with friends on the beach, surfing, scuba diving or doing laps? Maybe you just need a handsome suit to wear while enjoying poolside cocktails? A bit of each? A swimsuit for a hotel pool or beach day doesn’t require a lot of technical requirements. If you’re scuba diving, surfing or performing other activities, it’s important to pay attention to the fit, fabric, inseam, lining and materials of your swim trunks. This way, you can play and move freely — without worrying about your (minimal but essential) outfit.

If you’re planning on doing a lot of running or moving, note that loose fabric, when wet, can rub against and irritate your skin quickly, so a loose trunk style of shorts isn’t great if you plan on walking or running around in your suit, or using your legs for exercise. 

If the day ahead involves a ton of swimming, a tighter fit is preferable so that you can propel through the water more quickly.

Another factor? The sun! If you’re concerned about getting exposed to too many UV rays, go for something with more coverage. This also applies to, say, weekends at the in-laws’ summer house. 

And finally, consider how it is that you want to look! The good news is, you can look as hot as the sun while still wearing swim trunks that’ll keep you covered and ready for engaging in fun, hot-weather activities — regardless of what the day by the water has in store for you.

So, whether you’re looking for something specific (i.e., a colorful pair of men’s 15-inch swim trunks) or are just browsing to see what’s out there, without a specific adventure in mind, we’ve got you covered (up just enough). 

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Surfin’ USA: Cool Men’s Swim Trunks for Surfing

If you’re planning on being super active, we recommend looking to Sundek or to Vilebrequin for their men’s surf swim trunks. These fun, vibrant shorts are designed for a maximum range of motion, and are made from recycled plastic recovered from the ocean. Bring it a bit of the ocean back to the ocean as you splash around. This shirt by Vilebrequin is crafted for UV protection, has a lightweight construction, and can protect your skin from rashes and harsh waters. Surf’s up — in safety and style. We also love this shirt because you can wear it with swim trunks to get some post-surf seafood al fresco — without feeling too naked.

Lazy River: The Best Best Men’s Swim Trunks for Lying by the Pool

If you’re planning on doing very little, you needn’t focus too much on the specific measurements and highlights of a suit. Instead, go for looks and comfort. We recommend these bright, playful orange shorts, these (we love the color and the snug but not too snug fit), and these simple black trunks, which will take you from the pool to the beach in style, year after year. Keep in mind, however, that darker swim trunks will attract more heat from the sun. If you run hot, go for a lighter color — it’ll absorb less sun, leaving you to feel a bit cooler. When it comes to swim trunks, you can’t go wrong with a great vivid shade, or a more classic navy or black.

Fish in the Water: Swimming Days

Sundek makes great suits for swimming. These 16” swim trunks are a perfect bathing suit for long-distance swimmers. They have a stretch waist for adaptive comfort and three-needle stitching for durability. They’re a high-quality pair of men’s 16-inch swim trunks that will keep you covered and allow for you to propel through the water at lightning speed. Their maker, Sundek, is a cult swimwear brand that produces “high-quality swimwear to anyone from daredevil sea explorers to novice swimmers.” Why are we such (swim) fans of these classic shorts? They come in a variety of colors, from a classic light navy blue, to a hotter-than-the-sun orange, to a fun black and white crashing wave print. They’re practical, comfortable and great looking. 

Vacation Mode: A Suit for Everything

If you’re going on vacation and plan on doing a bit of running, some swimming, some water activity, and lots of lounging, (or simply want to invest in one suit that’ll take care of all of your swim trunk needs) you’ll need a suit that can cover all of your bases. These men’s swim trunks by Everest Isles are comfortable, super-stylish and versatile — so they’ll take you from activity to activity to lounging in comfort. Bonus? They’re made from 100% regenerated nylon fiber that’s sourced from abandoned or spent fishing nets. Do some good for the environment as you play, explore, dive, and relax with a freshly squeezed, not-too-sweet margarita in hand. It is vacation time, after all. We also recommend these 16-inch men’s swim trunks by Bather for vacation time. We love the multi-blue striping. 

Whether you’re a regular weekend surfer, need something for a weekend away, or simply want to upgrade the tired swim trunks that you have tucked in your drawer, there’s a suit that’ll suit just about everyone in our men’s swimwear collection. Shop, play, splash, surf, and catch some rays — and eyes — in our super high-quality men’s swim trunks.

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