It’s summer, the windows are propped open, and instead of forest-fresh balsams and honeybee blossoms wafting into the room, your space is filling with the odor of yesterday’s trash, sun-cooked and begging for pickup.

Close those windows and bring the season in another way: with summer candle scents. Get whisked away to the blood orange orchards of the Sicilian coastline or the salty Aegean Sea with our favorite summer candles.

1. LUMIRA Tropical Gardenia Candle ($65)

This heady combination of white flowers (gardenia, tuberose, freesia) is meant to spark joy, confirming this summer candle scent deserves a place on your bedside table. 

2. Norden Joshua Tree Ceramic Candle ($55)

Evoke Joshua Tree’s desert magic — minus the heat — with this blend of hinoki (a relaxing Japanese cypress scent), juniper and eucalyptus.

3. Cire Trudon Salta Scented Candle ($105)

What better way to get work done than with aromas of grapefruit (a Chinese symbol of prosperity and fertility), verbena and hyacinth lingering in the air.

4. LUMIRA Sicilian Citrus Candle ($65)

Reminiscent of the orchards along the Sicilian coastline, this orange-tangerine scent will reinvigorate your mind, body and spirit. 

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5. Brooklyn Candle Studio Sunday Morning Minimalist Candle ($24)

This understated summer candle mixes notes of pear, bergamot and jasmine to make you feel like you’re spending a relaxing morning at the farmers market, even if you’re just trying to ward off the Sunday scaries.

6. Norden Idyllwild Ceramic Candle ($55)

Nature lovers will find respite in the idyllic San Jacinto Mountains by way of Norden’s citrusy cylinder.

7. Cire Trudon Six Scented Candle ($105)

Spark a summer romance with this sensual, bergamot- and gardenia-infused summer candle scent, which is named after the sixth sense — the heart.

8. L’Objet Eau d’Egée No.3 Candle ($95)

One of the best summer candles we’ve found, this L’Objet wick will transport your apartment to the Aegean Sea with nary a travel annoyance.

9. LUMIRA Tuscan Fig Candle ($65)

You’ve been wanting to relax under the Tuscan sun. Now you can in an instant with a whiff of fragrant mimosa petals, fig leaves and musk.  

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