For a vibrant home that matches your eclectic tastes, there’s nothing better than bohemian room decor. Though there are no hard-and-fast rules for boho-chic design, it’s great to look for bold colors, interesting textures and natural products — and don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Try incorporating a few of the pieces below into the decor you already have. After all, bohemian home decor is all about layering in items you love with keepsakes that tell a story. Start with these ideas and let your heart guide you toward a room you love.

1. AU Maison Neela Leather Cushion Cover ($88)

Suede has the magical ability to look luxurious and rustic all at once. This leather cushion cover immediately adds texture to any room. Its rectangular shape and loose hem make it stand out from other throw cushions, while the neutral dark beige goes with any decor. Sewn and designed in-house from sustainably sourced materials, it’s a high-quality piece that will last for years to come.

2. Connected Goods Open Weave Basket ($45)

It’s hard to make storage look good, but this handcrafted basket pulls it off. Loosely woven from seagrass, it’s perfect for storing things that need to air out (ahem, dirty clothes and towels) — or things you want to show off. Sturdy handles make it easy to move around the house.

3. Elvang Denmark Horizon Alpaca Throw ($146)

Bohemian room decor should have a high percentage of coziness. This alpaca throw is soft (oh, it’s so soft) and features fine stripes and a subtle ombre. The fringed hem adds to the boho vibes, and the gray-beige color scheme fits in with any decor. Use it for decoration in the summer and take advantage of its excellent cuddling properties in the cold winter months.

4. Bungalow Denmark Ankita Plumberry Silk Cushion Cover ($65)

With a light plum background, a mustard floral pattern and a ‘70s look and feel, this silk cushion cover is prime bohemian home decor. On paper, the two colors don’t seem like they’d be friends, yet the pattern uses them beautifully to create an eye-catching design. 

5. KAZI Goods Dunia Striped Pot ($125)

Each KAZI item is sourced from artisans from economically depressed communities. The artists get paid a fair wage, and their work is sold around the world. This handwoven pot comes from Ghana, West Africa, and is made entirely with elephant grass. Whether you use it for houseplants or as simple decoration, you’re getting a unique piece and supporting artisans around the world. 

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6. Sien + Co Nieve Handwoven Pillow Cover ($172)

Not all bohemian room decor has to be colorful. Sometimes, an interesting texture is all you need to give your room some flair. This pillow cover was handcrafted by artisans in northern Argentina out of highland sheep wool. Pop it onto any of your current throw pillows for instant boho vibes. 

7. Indego Africa Light Pink Flora Plateau ($70)

Handwoven, hand-dyed and made to last, this catchall is a unique statement piece. The sweetgrass and sisal is woven in Rwanda, and each bowl can take up to 70 hours to create! The strong, natural fibers are incredibly durable, so this long-lasting piece will be worth every hour of their handiwork. 

8. Anchal Project Organic Cotton Triangle Throw Pillow Cover ($68)

This pillow cover is the perfect conversation starter. Its whimsical, pom-pom design makes it stand out in a sea of cushions. But more importantly, it helps Indian women in need find a new career in the textile industry and get paid a living wage with benefits. “That pillow gave a woman a job” is a pretty interesting icebreaker if you ask us. 

9. Cinnamon Projects Circa Brass Incense Burner ($150)

The earthy smell of incense brings out the bohemian spirit in every room. This incense burner lets you burn from both ends (in a good way) and naturally catches the ash with no mess. Sleek and clean, it perfectly captures both the bohemian and the chic.

10. Norden Idyllwild Incense ($20)

What’s an incense holder without incense? This 20-pack will keep your house filled with the warm smells of the mountainside. The spicy but not overwhelming scent is based on the Idyllwild Park area, so you get lots of wood, herbs and a bit of citrus to represent the California sunshine. 

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