We know that healthy skin is dependent upon everything that we put into our body, and also on the quality of everything that you put onto your skin. Think about it — the skin, our largest organ, can absorb certain substances from the products we apply, which can then be absorbed into our bloodstream

Just as with food labels, within the world of natural beauty, there are intricacies to be aware of. The words “natural” and “organic” are often used synonymously, but when describing beauty and skincare products, they’re majorly different. If a product has the word “natural” on the label, it was produced by elements in nature, but it’s not necessarily organic. 

“Organic” strictly refers to product ingredients that are grown without the use of any pesticides, chemicals or artificial fertilizers. Clean beauty brands and products that are labeled “organic” must contain 95 to 100 percent chemical-free ingredients, while natural products are typically about 50 to 70 percent free of chemicals. Further, labels that read, “certified organic” indicate that 95 percent of the ingredients are organic, while “made with organic ingredients” translates to the fact that at least 70 percent of ingredients are organic. 

So, without further ado, here are a few of the best natural makeup brands, organic makeup brands and clean makeup brands.

Simple Beauty: Kosas

Kosas creates products that not only look good in their packaging and on the skin, but that are also good for you. The clean makeup brand uses formulas that are rich in botanicals and adapt to a wide range of skin tones. The results? Beauty, and an enhanced feeling of being empowered and healthy — every single day. We love the look of a swipe of this lip gloss on a clean, bright face, and recommend these fun, watercolor-inspired eyeshadows for a hint of subtle glamour.

Mineral Girl: Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo products are made in England, designed with clean and healthy formulas. The founder, Vikki Kahn, fell in love with mineral makeup and sought to create a line of products that protect the skin from harsh chemicals. Use Lily Lolo products for a complexion that glows because it’s healthy. This eyeshadow palette is great for everyday eye enhancement, and your skin will glow even more with the help of a bit of this blush. Think a fresh, summertime, sun-kissed look, year round.

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Clean-Cult Classic: RMS Beauty

The line of RMS Beauty products is based on the premise that makeup doesn’t have to fulfill one single function. The products do more than just beautify your complexion — they also deeply nourish your skin. All of its products, which are beloved by makeup artists, are formulated from raw, food-grade and organic ingredients, and are packaged in recyclable or reusable vessels. Beautiful, multi-functional and sustainable? Yes! Try this set, which includes a luminizer, blush and bronzer, and skin and lip balm. We also love this eyeshadow and this dewy eye polish. 

Witchy Woman: Rituel de Fille

Rituel de Fille was created by three sisters who are on a mission to bring magic to beauty products, via natural ingredients and rich, beautiful pigments. They craft their products as, “witches would make a potion: each ingredient is carefully selected to create perfect fusion.”  Let us also note that each of the products is cruelty-free and made from all-natural raw materials. The Eye Soot is great for creating a smokey eye for a night out (and comes in colors that are subtle enough for the day), and the Enchanted Lip Sheer provides lips with moisture and a burst of sheer color. Talk about a spellbinding and clean makeup brand!

Multi-Generational Glow: Kari Gran

Kari Gran products are for every woman, at any age. The brand opts to make naturally derived and eco-luxe products. The affordable line is full of skincare products that help women to restore their youthful glow. Better yet? All of its products are made from organic, wild-harvested and non-GMO ingredients. We’re major fans of their Lip Whip, especially in the playful, pink Peppermint and Rosie Gold tones. Looking for something more moody? Kiss the Suji Lip Whip hello! Organic, wild beauty is timeless and ageless.

So there you have it, beauty — provide your body and your skin with gentle, non-toxic ingredients. Start with clean skin care, and don’t stop when it comes to makeup. Don’t work hard for a clear, glowy complexion only to clog your pores with unnecessary chemicals after. You’ll look better, you’ll feel better and you’ll be supporting companies who care about the earth, beauty and your well-being.

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