We’re calling it — 2020 is the year to switch to organic hair products. First, by using chemical-free shampoo and other hair products, you’re helping the environment. Most hair products are loaded with toxic chemicals, which cause a major tax on the earth. Natural hair products can also repair and protect your locks. Those who color their hair, or do heat styling, are especially prone to hair damage. The harsh alkaline ingredients in non-organic and unnatural hair products remove the scalp’s protective layers. This directly affects the health of your scalp, where healthy hair starts. 

Additionally, quality organic hair products can reverse the damage and strengthen the hair. Natural hair products can replenish the hair’s moisture, repair the bonds broken by chemicals and processing, and eliminate damage-causing free radicals. The result? They can reverse the harm that’s been done to your scalp, giving you a clean slate and shiner, more gorgeous hair. 

But the benefits can go beyond your head — they’re also safer to use. If you’re prone to having allergic reactions or have sensitive skin, switching to natural shampoo or organic shampoo may just save your skin. Here are a few of the best natural shampoo and haircare brands, organic shampoo brands, and clean haircare brands. 

Locks Legend: Fekkai

Founded by legendary hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai, Fekkai has been a leader in the beauty world for two decades. The clean, vegan collection blends the line between salon-quality products and everyday use, making top-grade hair care accessible. And, for the earth, 95% of Fekkai’s bottles are made from recycled plastic.

We consider Shampoo Sheer Fullness to be one of the best chemical-free shampoos on the market, and the Dry Texturizing Mist will provide you with selfie-ready, voluminous, effortless hair.

Black, White and Clean: REVERIE

The California-based organic hair-care brand REVERIE uses botanicals and ethically-sourced ingredients in all of its hair products. The founder, Garrett Markenson, partners with Fair Trade, EcoCert, and small family-operated farms across the entire globe. He aims to help independent growers and makers continue to thrive and to make a profitable living, while also helping your hair. REVERIE’S clean and organic shampoo and conditioner are great basics to start with. 

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For an ocean-side look, try a few sprays of Mare Mediterranean Sea Mist. It fights against deflated and dry hair with the help of algae extract, mediterranean sea salt, and a few other ingredients, which results in volumized, enriched hair, replete with a Southern Italian fragrance. If you’re a minimalist, you’ll probably be especially taken with their super-simple, black-and-white packaging.

Eco Evolution: EVOLVh

EVOLVh seeks to strengthen the strong and boundless connection that we have with the earth. The label is committed to providing people with clean products that are made from healthy ingredients, using breakthrough formulas and eco-conscious practices. No EVOLVh product is tested on animals, and the label is adamantly vegan. If you’re new to natural shampoo and haircare products, try the Volume Discovery Kit to sample a few best-sellers first.

Struggling with dry hair or split ends? The Ultrarepair Masque can help you restore your hair from damage. It contains a high concentration of amino acids that act to strengthen your hair, while boosting its elasticity and hydration. 

Botanical Braids: Leonor Greyl

Leonor Greyl is a beauty enthusiast and a botanist who seeks to create haircare products that are comprised of plants and natural ingredients. The line is known for its environmentally-friendly products, each of which is infused with vitamin formulas and plant extracts that leave your hair feeling and looking soft and healthy. We love the Voluforme volumizing spray, which will leave you with a head full of full, bouncy hair. If your scalp and hair are damaged, try this Serum De Soie Sublimateur reparative serum. Massage it into your skin and it’ll remedy your dry and itchy scalp. It’s made from essential and botanical oils that stimulate moisture, increase blood circulation (which could help your hair grow faster), and prevent further damage.

We’re all about eating organic food, using organic skincare products, wearing sustainably-made clothing, eliminating anything and everything toxic from our lives, and preserving the earth as much as we can. Why not take things even further? Incorporate organic and natural hair care into your regimen, and reap the benefits of healthier, clean and gorgeous hair. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and toxic-free new decade.

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