We live in a world in which wellness is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and let’s face it — the noise of the wellness industry has become a bit dizzying. There are so many conflicting views, words of advice, diets and suggestions for ways to live our best life being thrown at us. We suggest returning to the basics. You know, your body. 

One of the basic forms of self-care that we tend to neglect, given our busy schedules? Sex — with ourselves. Masturbation is a healthy, gratifying and deeply pleasurable experience that nobody should be embarrassed or ashamed of. Plus, with sexual-wellness tools becoming more and more beautiful, discreet and safe in their design, there’s really no excuse to not show yourself some love. 

Not to mention the laundry list of benefits that you can derive from masturbating. So, let’s get busy.

It can boost your mood. For many women, it can be easier to achieve an orgasm alone than with a partner, and orgasms release the endorphins dopamine and oxytocin, both of which will provide you with immediate sensations of pleasure and happiness. We could stop the list here, but we won’t.

It’ll make you more comfortable with your body. Our bodies work hard for us, and we work hard for them — we exercise, we sleep, we take supplements, we meditate, we feed them clean, beautiful foods. Masturbation will allow you to connect with your body on another, truly intimate level, which can help you feel more comfortable in it — and love it even more. 

It can help with anxiety, stress and sexual frustration. Feeling a bit wound up? Constantly? Too many of us are. Have an orgasm. You’ll benefit from the immediate gratification of the pleasurable experience, and your nervous system will feel less freaked out afterward. 

It’ll improve your sleep. Having an orgasm, though exhilarating in the moment, is a deeply relaxing experience. Masturbating right before bed will relax your nervous system, remove you from the constant treadmill of thoughts that our minds tirelessly run on, and lead you into a more restful time of sleep, dreams and rejuvenation.

It can improve your sex life. How? When you masturbate, you learn about your own preferences. And when you know what you like, it becomes much easier to communicate your needs to a partner — a roadmap that every other man or woman should ask for and want when they’re lucky enough to be in between the sheets with you. It’s a win-win situation.

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It can multiply pleasure. When masturbating, it can be incredibly easy to achieve multiple orgasms, very quickly. Enough said.

It’s good for the heart. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for women, and getting adequate, heart-pumping exercise can be difficult, given our busy schedules. The good news? Masturbating can help to get your blood flowing. A few studies have even suggested that women who experience frequent orgasms are less likely to eventually suffer from heart disease or type-2 diabetes. 

It can help relieve pain. Masturbation can actually help to relieve the pain associated with cramps and other body pains. That time of the month? Have an orgasm. Stomach pains? Have an orgasm. Pair that with a little bit of topical CBD, and find instant relief.

It can keep your libido in check. Whether you’re devoted to being single or are in between partners, masturbating keeps the sexual flames of your body, well, lit. If it’s been a while since you’ve thought about sex, try masturbating — the more that you’re having sex, the more that you’ll think about it. Less time spent worrying, and more time spent fantasizing? Count us in.

Dedicate a bit more of your time to pleasuring yourself, and numerous aspects of your life and well-being can be greatly sparked, enhanced and improved. If you’re in the market for a new vibrator, look to some of our favorite brands that value aesthetics and functionality equally. Sexual-wellness products are better looking than ever, and you can proudly keep these minimalist objects on your nightstand. 

Explore Maude for its minimalist aesthetic, by-women-for-women company Dame or the playful Smile Makers, which hail from Japan. Each of these brands is making sex with one’s self cool, wildly gratifying and beautiful. It’s time to enjoy sex with yourself, no strings attached.

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