Rectangular Pool Cover - One Size - Blue
Rectangular Pool Cover - One Size - BlueRectangular Pool Cover - One Size - Blue


Rectangular Pool Cover - One Size



Bestway 24' Rectangular Frame Solar Pool Cover Is simply laid out on the water's surface when a 24' Rectangular Frame Pool isn't being used, providing insulation and forming an effective barrier to falling leaves, beetles practicing their breaststroke and outdoor debris. The swimming pool solar cover leaves a slight gap around the edges of a 24' rectangular frame solar pool, which is standard fare and allows space for the water to breathe. It's made from a durable material that looks exactly like bubble wrap and it's these tiny air bubbles that provide such fantastic insulation. They help the pool solar cover insulate a pool by absorbing solar energy, storing it and using it to warm the water. By covering a huge proportion of the water's surface the above ground pool cover also reduces evaporation, making it a great way to cut down on topping up a pool and splashing out on costly water bills. Because it prevents outdoor debris, such as twigs and animal excrement, from building up inside a 24' rectangular frame pool the solar cover can also reduce the amount of money spent on cleaning and maintenance. Bestway 24' Rectangular Frame Solar Pool Cover is one of many pool covers available in The Bestway pool accessories collection. Each available solar cover has been designed to fit a specific size of Bestway Pool. Whatever your pool size, Bestway has it covered. Literally.

- Size: One size
- Carry bag included
- Prevents dirt and debris accumulating
- For outdoor use

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