Bamboo Fitted Sheet White - 190 cm x 122 cm - White
Bamboo Fitted Sheet White - 190 cm x 122 cm - WhiteBamboo Fitted Sheet White - 190 cm x 122 cm - White


Bamboo Fitted Sheet White - 190 cm x 122 cm

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Bamboo is an eco friendly and sustainable fibre that grows very quickly using one third less water and often requires no pesticides. This range is soft, silky, cool to the touch, naturally breathable and hypoallergenic. They have packaged this range in a bamboo fabric bag that is reusable and perfect for storage. The fabric bag means they have eliminated the use of plastic in the packaging of this range. They are proud to be doing “their bit” where they can in reducing plastic consumption. Enjoy using the storage bag. This Bamboo extra deep fitted sheet has a depth of 38cm (15"). This sheet is available in a range of sizes. As mattresses get deeper with the addition of mattress toppers, protectors, they need sheets to allow for a good snug fit and avoid the common problem of sheets coming off during the night. They recommend this fitted sheet to sit 8cm (2-3") deeper than your mattress. This fitted sheets are generously elasticated around all 4 corners leading to a solid hold and fit on your mattress. This fitted sheet is suitable for mattress depths up to 30cm (12"). So long as you purchase the correct size of width and length then depth doesn't have to be exact, as any extra fabric tucks underneath the mattress, hence why we recommend taking a slightly larger depth than what your mattress measures.

- 300 thread count
- Made from the finest eco friendly and sustainable bamboo
- Soft, silky, naturally breathable and hypoallergenic
- Extra deep to fit your mattress
- No more struggling to get your sheet on
- Made from nature's own natural fibres
- Sustainable and renewable
- Soft as a cloud for extra comfort
- Keeps your body temperature at a steady level to ensure a good night's sleep
- Greatly reduced likelihood of an allergic reaction

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