Crew Sock - Short - Retro - Lino/White
Crew Sock - Short - Retro - Lino/WhiteCrew Sock - Short - Retro - Lino/White

Arvin Goods

Crew Sock - Short - Retro

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Recycling is kind of like going back in time, right. Just like the 1970s throwback look of striped crews with iconic ribbed pattern in classic varsity colors. Elastic arch supports with padded footbeds add a comfort you didn’t know you were missing. Now you’re good for the next scrimmage or just boarding around town. Sock cut resting mid-way up your shin.

- Elastic arch support area
- Embroidered Arvin Goods logo
- Terry loop padded footbed for comfort
- Athletic ribbed cuff for a secure fit
- Designed to last
- Softest, best-fitting, most responsibly made socks
- Cloud-like comfort: All arvin goods' socks are reinforced with a super soft terry loop padded footbed which cushions your feet as you walk.
- Maximum protection: Every sock have elastic arch support, which keeps your feet secure at all times, so you can avoid cramps and burns and just get on with your day.
- Extended durability: Arvin goods' socks are designed to last.
- They're all made from durable recycled cotton and polyester fabric wicks that are light enough to keep your feet fresh yet strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily wear.
- Reduced impact: Arvin is the only brand to use discarded fabric scraps to make the softest, best-fitting, most responsibly made socks in the history of socks.

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